Hats Incredible is the original manufacturer of painted, sanded honeycomb hats. We design and make the puppet character hats, and we hold patents, trademarks, and copyrights on our products.



This is the hat worn at the Paris Fashion Show, and sold in boutiques all over the world, the hat used to create the puppet characters at FAO Schwarz, the honeycomb hat sold at Spencer Gifts. It's also the hat seen on The Rosie O'Donnell Show and on The TODAY Show and shown not once, but twice on Live with Regis and Kathy Lee. It's sold at concerts, trade shows, fairs, baseball games, colleges, gift and novelty stores.

These incredible hats sold all over Europe as AMAZE-A-VASE..... DeBonnet`.... CATWALK ....... MODIFIX.

  Wear it as a Safar E. Hat or Bean E. Style, inside out or upside down. It's 4 hats in 1 and one size fits all, kids and adults.
  Use as a vase for dried flowers or an attractive vase cover for fresh flowers. --It makes a great centerpiece!!
  We offer dozens of character puppets as well! Such as our adorable Boss E. Cow, Fred E. Frog, Lar E. Lobster, and Pink E. Pig, where the "E"stands for Expandable Honeycomb Hat. All are collectable and wearable. To see our complete collection: Click Here.
Schools and daycares use them for interactive learning and as an entertaining motor skills development tool. They're so versatile and the possibilities are so endless that they're just plain FUN!! ........ EXPLORE THE MANY USES ...... WHATEVER YOUR IMAGINATION CAN CREATE ....... BUY 1 .. BUY A MILLION
  Kids love them at parties...
  ....not to mention how great they look on the beach!!!
Buy them assembled in a plastic container (makes a great gift)! Buy unassembled and create your own using our instructions. Become a distributor, buy wholesale, retail, or buy one and become a happy customer, or buy many and make money and make others happy. A fun novelty product, that's fun to sell, fun to wear, fun to explore.
  Wear it as High fashion either right side up, upside down, or inside out!
  They're great for giving potted plants an earthy or decorative look.
  Use it as a basket, tray, vase or pot decoration.
The possibilities are limited only to
your imagination.


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